Which team’s best player is going to get hurt this season?

The Washington Wizards are the favorite to win the NBA championship and are already looking at the possibility of adding another star to their team, but who’s going to win?

With a young roster that features John Wall and Bradley Beal, who could be the next big thing for the franchise?

Or are the Wizards going to have to start building around a young core and make moves to get younger players like DeJuan Blair and Kris Humphries?

Let’s take a look at what to expect from the Wizards this season.1.

John Wall – Wall is a big-time talent.

He has been one of the most consistent players for the Wizards throughout the past decade, averaging 20.5 points and 9.7 assists per game, and the Wizards have a young, versatile core to build around.

Wall will be one of those players that will make the team bigger and better, and it will be interesting to see how much he’ll need to do to stay on the court, especially if he continues to play at a high level.2.

Bradley Beale – Beale is a different kind of athlete.

Beale plays a unique, athletic style that he honed from his days at Duke and has played with in the NBA for years now.

He’s a big guy who is a good rebounder and has great athleticism for his size, which gives him great versatility to play either guard spot.

The problem for Beale, however, is that he’s still a very young player.

He’ll need some time to develop into a consistent player and should have to compete with Brandon Jennings for minutes.3.

Bradley Lee – Lee has been a part of the Washington Wizards since they were a part-time team in 2008, and he is now one of their most prominent players.

Lee is a solid defender, but he is not a scorer and his offensive game is still a work in progress.

He may have a chance to start for the Washington Cavaliers this season, but it won’t be easy.4.

Bradley Bairstow – Bairstoow is a 6-foot-8 wing who plays hard on the defensive end and can score.

He also has a nice touch on the offensive end.

He should start for Washington this season and should be a regular part of their starting lineup.5.

Bradley Bozeman – Bozemans ability to score at the rim, rebound, and create his own shot are the reasons he’s so highly coveted in this draft.

He is a long-term project who should be able to contribute for Washington for the next couple years.6.

Trevor Ariza – Ariza is a skilled shooter who has shown he can be a very effective scorer at the college level, but his skill set may be a little inconsistent at the NBA level.

His shot isn’t great and he’s not a great defender, so he could struggle to find his groove with the Wizards, but Ariza should be one to watch this season because of his versatility and potential.7.

Otto Porter – Porter is a 7-foot center with an impressive wingspan and a knack for scoring at the basket.

He was one of Washington’s biggest steals this past season and could help the Wizards build their frontcourt around a star at that position.8.

Mike Scott – Scott is a smaller guard who can score at will.

Scott will likely start for them this season as the starting center, but with the addition of Otto Porter, it may be time for Scott to start playing more minutes at the 3-point line.9.

Marcus Thornton – Thornton is a versatile wing who has a knack of shooting the 3.

He will likely see time at both forward spots this season after a great rookie season, and could have a similar role to Porter.10.

Brandon Jennings – Jennings is one of three Wizards to play for the team, and his versatility is something the team should be looking to build on this season with him.

He can play both forward positions, and should help the team find their best balance offensively this season while also adding another shooter.11.

Joe Young – Young is a 3-and-D guy who has some skills defensively.

He played with John Wall at Duke this past year and is someone the team will be hoping can take the next step in his development.12.

Josh Smith – Smith is a point guard who played both forward and shooting guard at Duke.

Smith will likely play for Washington next season, so the Wizards may have to give him a bigger role this season to make up for his lack of shooting.13.

Marcus Smart – Smart is a wing who is an excellent shooter and is an absolute terror on the boards.

Smart will likely be a starter this season for Washington, and that will likely lead to him starting for the Cavs next season.14.

John Jenkins – Jenkins is a 5-footer who is going up against LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kevin Durant this season at the same position as Wizards big men.

Jenkins could have an