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A man who has been fighting to have his daughter’s home taken away from him has had his case reopened after the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) agreed to review the case, which had previously been dropped due to lack of evidence.

The case, brought by the family of a woman who was arrested in March after posting a picture of herself holding up a sign reading ‘I don’t like you’ in her home, was originally dropped due a lack of sufficient evidence.

However, the DWP agreed to reopen the case in March, when the man’s case was dropped due the lack of an appeal to date.

A spokesperson for the Department of Work and Prisons said: ‘The DWP has been satisfied by the evidence presented to them that the family has not been treated with any hostility and is currently awaiting further consideration by the court.’

The Department is currently reviewing the decision in order to make a further decision.’

The man, who is known as Mimi, had been unemployed for a number of years.

In his defence, he claimed he was ‘living in fear’ of a police officer, and that his wife had been ‘tortured and abused’ by the police for many years.

His barrister told the court he was unable to access his daughter because he had been ordered to attend court at the same time as her.

He said that while he was not a criminal, his wife was.’

It is not fair to expect a man to go to court at exactly the same times as his daughter,’ Mr McBride said.

‘He can’t have a child with her and they are not married, and he has had no contact with her since that day.’

Mr McBride added that there had been no ‘tangible evidence’ of abuse or torture by the Police.

He also told the Court: ‘She has never seen her daughter for a few months.’

She does not know her daughter.’

The court heard the DPS was aware of the ‘extremely disturbing’ nature of the case and had investigated it on their own.

The court was told the DNP had not received a formal complaint from Mr McBridens wife and that she was unaware of the police investigation.’

He has been living in fear of her since the day she was arrested and he fears for her safety if she leaves his house,’ the barrister said.

Mr McBroughs family told the hearing they were grateful for the DPM’s action.’

We have always had an open and tolerant society, and we are very grateful that the DPP has decided to reopen his case,’ his brother David McBaugh said.’

This is an extremely difficult time for our family and it’s something we are hopeful will never happen again.’

The family said they were concerned for the welfare of the child and wanted to keep the case private.