Why mobdro doesn’t work,call worker

When the family of a man who died after being beaten to death by an animal was able to secure a $2 million payout from a mobdro business, the company’s lawyers thought they had struck gold.

But the family has since learned that the company does not work as advertised.

The family’s lawsuit filed Monday alleges that Mobdro does not do what it says it does and that the animal-protection company’s misrepresentations about Mobdro and its claims that it will get the money back have cost the family $5 million.

Mobdro’s lawyer, Jeff Stempel, declined to comment.

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction barring Mobdro from operating or collecting money for the family.

Mobrods attorneys declined to respond to questions about the case.

The case is not the first time Mobdro has been sued over its claims of animal-safety efforts.

In 2014, a federal jury awarded a $5.5 million jury verdict against Mobrocks over a complaint alleging that it misled customers and others about the effectiveness of its animal-proofing and other products.

Mobtrocks has not returned calls for comment.