How Michel Design Works

Michel Designs is a global design company with more than 200 employees and offices in the U.S. and Australia.

Michel specializes in custom office furniture, office decor, and industrial design.

Miche’s office decor is inspired by the history of the furniture industry, with a focus on traditional furnishings that have a rich history of creating the kind of functional furniture that is coveted today.

Miches office decor includes an extensive collection of American-made American-style furniture.

Michen Design Works offers a wide selection of office furnishings for home office and commercial use, as well as office accessories and home furnishings, as an alternative to traditional office furniture.

We can help you make a better decision for your office and home, and provide the tools and expertise to build an ideal office space.

Michel Designs was founded in 1986, and its current team is made up of engineers, designers, and designers.

The company is a subsidiary of American furniture and design firm Allen & Unwin.

The company also owns a number of other brands, including T-Mobile, Fleece, and Drexel.