How to turn your email into an app for iOS 8

Google is introducing iOS 8.0, and Apple has released an app to make your messages into an iPhone or iPad app.

In fact, Apple is making it available for free for all iPhone users, but you need to have an iPhone to use it.

Here’s how to make it work.

Step 1: Download the iOS 8 app from the App Store, or use an official iOS app.

Step 2: Download your message from your iOS device.

If it’s a text message, tap it and select “View message.”

Step 3: Click on the “Reply to this message” button.

If you’re using an iPad, tap the “Send message” link to open the message in your favorite messaging app.

You can also reply to your message using the Messages app on your iOS devices.

You can reply to messages through the Messages menu or reply to them with the “Receive message” option on the Messages page.

If you want to send a message to someone else, tap “Send to this email address” and select the recipient from the list of people you want your message to be sent to.

You may need to wait for your reply before you can send the message to your recipient.

To make sure the message is sent, tap on the green arrow in the top-left corner of the message.

You should see a green “send” button appear.

You’re done!

You’ve sent your message.