This man says he’s been robbed by a group of thugs after a night out in Liverpool

By Chris Haysden-JonesThis story was originally published on January 7, 2018.

It’s a good thing I have the cash.

It’s a bad thing I don’t.

On January 8, 2018, I was on a night of good times in Liverpool’s West End.

I was with my friends at a bar, and I was having a good time.

I was having some drinks with some mates and a group had gathered outside our bar.

It was a nice night and a good atmosphere.

We were all happy.

Suddenly, I heard a loud noise outside my window.

I turned to see what was happening.

The group was attacking the bar.

They grabbed my friends and started hitting us with a black leather bar.

I don´t know if it was a bottle, a can or something else, but it was obviously a huge hammer.

I thought, “Is this what they want?”

Then I saw the black metal on the ground.

There was blood everywhere, and they had a lot of knives.

I didn´t see what they wanted but they were just smashing things up and grabbing our drinks.

I felt really sorry for the guys who were just hanging out drinking and having a great time.

They were trying to rob us and they were getting a lot more aggressive, so I turned and ran.

They ran right over me and ran in the opposite direction.

They were just beating us up and screaming, “I will kill you”.

I felt bad for them, but I just didn’t know what to do.

I don’t think I had a choice.

I had to get up, run out the door, and run to the police.

I had no idea what to say.

I could have said “I have a bad feeling about this”, but I didn´ve.

I just knew that I had no choice.

I felt really scared and I didn’t feel good about it, so what do I do?

I ran and ran and got into a taxi and I went to the Police station.

They said that the men had been stopped at the station and were being questioned.

They wanted to know why I had attacked them.

I said, “You have nothing to do with me.

You can get away with what you want.”

They said, to which I said: “What do you want?

You are criminals.”

They said, well, you have a knife.

You need to have your hands up, don’t you?

“I said I did, and then I asked them what they had done to my friend.

They said to me: “You need to stop attacking me and get your hands off my friend”.

So I said to them, “Don’t touch me.”

Then I ran out the back door and said to the man who had been holding my friend: “Get your hands out of my friend, because I will kill them.”

I said the same to the other man, who was holding my other friend.

He was saying: “Don´t touch me, don´s.

Don´t hit me, please.

“I didnít hear any response.

Then he was shouting at me to stop and then he got out of the taxi and ran away.

The man was then seen by the police, who then arrested him.

He later admitted to me that he had been attacked and said he would have hit me had I been drunk.

He told me that it was an accident, but that it happened because he was drunk.

He also said that he was going to call the police to make sure they were going to be able to track him down.

He also said he had just been drinking at the bar and wasn’t aware of what was going on.

The police arrested him after a short interview.

I think he was told he could get a drink for £15 and walk free.

The only thing I can say is that I think it was the best thing that could have happened to him.

He told me, “Thank you for coming, I donít know what I would have done otherwise.”

The men then went back to the bar, where they told them that they had robbed him and threatened him with a hammer.

They then demanded his phone, wallet and the drink money.

The men told the bouncers that they would beat him if he didn´T give them the money.

They also threatened to smash his windows with the hammer and told him he would not get away.

At the time, I didnât really know what was being said.

I didnôt know whether they were saying, “No, we are going to kill you”, or if they were telling him that they were armed.

I couldnât understand what was the meaning behind it.

It was so difficult for me to comprehend what was said.

My friend was trying to hold on to my drink and the bar was going crazy.

I tried to grab him and help him.

I wanted to protect him.

When I saw him, he

When timberlands are lost, who is responsible?

A new study has found that the loss of timberlands can be a significant burden on communities.

The research, by University of Western Australia researchers, examined a sample of around 1,500 properties across five states across Australia.

They found that an average of 7.8% of properties had fallen into ruin due to timberland loss and were valued at $1.6bn.

The study, published in the journal Landscape Ecology, looked at more than 50 sites across the country.

The researchers found that loss of land led to an average loss of about 12,000 hectares of timberland.

They also found that a high proportion of timber lands were lost by people.

“It is often considered that the timber industry is a relatively small sector, but the evidence shows otherwise,” said lead author Dr Julie Stokes.

“The majority of land in the timberlands is owned by landowners and often times those landowners have little or no access to the land.”

So, timberlands tend to be managed in a way that doesn’t allow them to benefit from timberlands and their ecosystem.

“The report found that of the sites surveyed, around 20% of the properties were owned by people and were worth $1 billion to $2 billion.”

We can’t just put our hands up and say ‘this is what the forest looks like now’,” Dr Stokes said.”

That doesn’t make it a good thing, because it doesn’t really help the community.

“The researchers also found an average annual loss of $10,000 in terms of timber costs, and that the average loss was $1,500.”

There are other costs that are related to loss of property, but those are not always obvious, especially when it comes to the loss in the value of timber,” Dr Stoke said.

In the case of the Western Australian study, around 3% of homes and businesses had lost their timberland, which equates to $4.6 billion.

The report also found there was a higher rate of urbanisation in some of the areas surveyed, and the rate of decline was higher in areas with large Indigenous populations.

Dr Stokes is calling for an audit of the government’s timberlands program.”

If we don’t change what’s going on, we are not going to be able to sustainably manage this sector,” she said.

The Federal Government has committed $10 million to review and improve the management of the timberland sector, with an estimated cost of $8.5 million.

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