Why you should start your own software company

Google’s parent company Alphabet is planning to start a new software company that will work from the comfort of your own home.

The news came from Google’s senior vice president of engineering, Jayanthi Singhal.

“We’re taking on an ambitious new challenge, where we will be able to use our vast data, data mining, and machine learning expertise to bring products to market that empower people,” Singhal said in a blog post.

“The key is building a product that’s accessible and intuitive, and then we will see if that resonates with consumers.”

The new software project will work closely with Google’s existing Android and Chrome platforms, but it’s also designed to run on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS, Singhal added.

The company has already acquired several software startups that were initially created to help make Android more useful to developers, including Xamarin.

Singhal also said the new company will work to help develop the Android SDK for developers, with plans to release a preview version of the SDK sometime next year.

That SDK, along with other APIs, are critical to making Google’s Android platform more accessible to developers.

Google also plans to make the Android platform easier to integrate with other platforms, including iOS, Windows, and MacOS.

For its part, Alphabet said it is exploring how to make its new software platform easier for smaller developers to create apps for.

Earlier this month, Google said it would add two new APIs to the Android Platform Developer Toolkit, a toolkit that developers can use to make Android apps more easy to use.

The API changes will allow developers to write Android apps that work across multiple platforms, the company said at the time.