Aussie men’s work boots make it easy to find work

A new type of work boot has been introduced to Australia.

It’s designed for the men of Australia who can’t find work or don’t have the means to afford them.

Key points:Men’s work boot is designed for men and women working independentlyThe boot’s design uses the shape of a man’s foot, heel, and ankle for stabilityThe boot is also made of a material that will be washed and sanitised every six monthsWomen’s work socks are made by men with a similar design but are more expensiveThe idea behind this boot, which has been developed by a Sydney-based startup called Bootworks, is to provide men with an easy and cheap way to find a job or find work they can afford.

“The idea is that when you need to go on a work trip, or when you’re out and about, and you don’t want to be stuck in a hotel room with no choice but to get to work, this is the boot for you,” founder and CEO of Bootworks Andrew Legg said.

“So if you’re on the go and you’re tired of going into a hotel with no option, you can grab this boot and go for a run, or if you have a little spare change in your pocket, you don.t need to pay extra for the extra socks.”

The Bootworks team designed the boot in collaboration with the Australian Institute of Technology, which uses the same design for the socks.

“In the case of our work socks, we actually put the feet on the inside of the sock to give the socks a very comfortable feel,” Mr Legg explained.

“But we also made sure that it would still be waterproof, so we wouldn’t want the socks to soak through.”

To make the boots, the Bootworks design team took a traditional sock shape, and then went to work designing it.

“What we’re really interested in is actually making the boot a little bit more comfortable,” Mr Peeters said.

The BootWorks team have been using the same sock shape for about six months and are currently in the final stages of testing the new design, but Mr Peeter said the company had already received positive feedback from customers.

“We’ve had a lot of emails, we’ve had people tell us they love the boot, and they love wearing it,” Mr Perkins said.”[We’ve] also had people say they’ve been able to find their work, and work more hours, and make more money.”

To ensure that the boots are durable, Mr Peetts and Mr Leigg said the boot will be sanitising and washed twice a year.

“If it’s wet, the boot is not going to stay in the washing machine,” Mr Pears said.

“And if it’s dry, we’re going to wash it.”

The team is currently working on adding some features to the boot so that it can accommodate larger feet.

The boot will go on sale in March 2018.