Instagram, Snapchat working together to save jobs

Instagram is trying to streamline the way people access their photos, and it’s partnering with Snapchat to stream video for video.

The service is working with Snapchat for video to save some jobs, according to The Verge, a publication of the tech blog TechCrunch.

Both companies will stream video through Snapchat’s new Vine platform, and Instagram is paying Snapchat for its access to Vine videos.

Vine was launched on Tuesday and is currently the most popular video-sharing app on Instagram.

Snapchat, meanwhile, is an app for users to share their content, like photos and videos.

The two companies are looking at ways to make video more accessible, too.

Vine allows users to embed video into their posts, and Snap is developing a tool that lets users embed videos in their photos.

Both Snapchat and Instagram said they are working to make Vine videos more accessible.

The Vine team said it was also working on an API that would allow users to access the videos and images from Vine without having to sign up to Snapchat’s video platform.

It’s not clear how much Snapchat’s Vine video will cost Instagram, but it’s likely to be at least $1 per minute, said Mashable’s Andrew Rassweiler.

Snapchat is also working to stream content directly to Vine from other apps.