Which is better? Instagram or Twitter?

Google has revealed it will soon offer an API that will allow users to share photos from their accounts on social media platforms.

The announcement follows the announcement of Instagram being acquired by Facebook in July for $1bn.

Twitter is also reportedly working on an API, which would allow users from Twitter to easily post content on its platforms.

Google has revealed its own API, as part of its push into the social network space.

It launched a similar API for its YouTube, which was used by the likes of Rihanna and Katy Perry to share their music videos with fans.

Google announced the new API in a blog post today, saying that the company’s own platform, Google+ , has been downloaded more than 20 billion times.

“Today, we’re announcing a new way to make it easier for you to share your content on Google+, YouTube, and all of your favorite platforms: the new Google+ API,” the blog post reads.

It’s unclear whether the new feature will be available to existing users of Google+ or to users of the new Instagram.

Google has also yet to reveal exactly how the new Twitter API will work.