How to get blue collar workers back into the middle class

A lot of Americans are starting to look at the middle and working class in a new light.

A new CNN/ORC poll found that Americans who identify as middle class or working class are now less likely than those who are lower class or not working class to say they are proud of their nation’s history of racial equality and economic growth.

Americans who say they’re working class, meanwhile, are more likely to say America’s economic problems are caused by discrimination, poverty, and inequality.

The survey found that 41% of middle class Americans say they feel they are better off now than when they were poor.

But that figure drops to 29% for those who say the same about their current situation.

And a whopping 54% of working class Americans feel that way, compared to 39% of those who feel that about their economic situation.

For a third of Americans, they say their jobs are being replaced by machines, automation and robots.

That’s not good news for many, as the survey found 40% of Americans say that job loss will be worse than job creation in the next 10 years.

But for those Americans who feel a sense of pride about their American heritage, a survey found 60% feel proud of what their ancestors accomplished in America.

And just over half say they would be proud of someone who was born in the same country, a group that is disproportionately white.

That group is also disproportionately male.