Which is better: Snapchat or Instagram?

A recent survey shows that Snapchat users are much more likely to spend time on Instagram than they are on Snapchat.

Snapchat users spend the most time on their Snapchat account.

Snapchat’s user base also seems to be growing at a faster rate than Instagram.

Snapchat had 5.1 million monthly active users in March 2018, while Instagram had 2.8 million.

In terms of overall usage, Snapchat users had the highest share of total users and most of the users in the top 10 percent of Instagram users.

Snapchat user share Instagram user share Snapchat users users, % share Instagram users, April 2018 January 2017 December 2017 Total 1.9% 5.3% 2.2% Instagram users 4.9 7.2 7.1 Instagram users 10.6 7.6 5.4 Snapchat users, million 3.1 5.2 4.7 Source: Pew Research Center