When you are working for insta-commerce startup Iron Works, how do you decide what to make for your customers?

What if you are a self-employed artist, or a freelancer?

Or if you have to pay rent or take care of kids while you work?

All of those jobs require you to think of creative ways to sell goods, which can be a challenging process to get right.

But Iron Works has solved the problem.

The company offers online retail platforms for artists and creatives, with the option of working with third-party retailers like Amazon or Walmart to make products.

The platforms are designed to help artists sell their creations through their own website.

“We are an online retail platform, which means that our customers don’t need to do anything,” co-founder and CEO Dan Schmitt told Business Insider.

“They can use Iron Works to create an item on their own site.”

Iron Works offers three different platforms for working with artists.

In addition to its storefront, the company also offers the option to work directly with artists through a partnership with Amazon and Walmart.

To work with an artist on a platform, Iron Works takes a small percentage of each sale to Amazon or one of the retailers, according to Schmitt.

In this way, artists earn a percentage of the revenue the retailers receive.

Iron Works also works with third parties, including companies like Zappos and Etsy, to get its products to market.

For example, a popular shoe brand, Nikes, will work with Iron Works for a set amount of time and then sell the shoes to the company.

Artists are also able to earn a commission on products sold through Iron Works.

“If we make an item, we get a commission,” Schmitt said.

“For example, if we sell an item for $50,000 and a third-parties commission of $10 is applied to that amount, the customer gets the $50K.

We have an additional $20K [in commissions] for the additional $10K that we charge to our third parties.

So the customer is getting a little bit of the $10k in commission.”

In order to make an Iron Works product, artists must first submit an application to the Iron Works website.

They then submit the design to a partner and a distributor who will make sure the design is in line with the artist’s needs.

The design is then reviewed by Iron Works and a fulfillment center, who will then ship the product.

The third party distributor will then send the product to Iron Works’ warehouse, where it will be shipped out to customers.

Schmitt and his team have worked with artists from all over the world, but he says the majority of artists work with their own physical shops to get their work into the marketplace.

“Most of our artists work for independent businesses and they have to have a physical shop to sell their work,” he said.

The Iron Works platform is currently live in the United States, and Schmitt says they will be expanding it to other countries in the coming months.

“Right now we are in the U.K., but we’re working on adding more countries and regions, so we’re going to be expanding that to other continents in the future,” he added.

You can read more about Iron Works in the video above.