‘You’re not welcome here’: Conservative groups warn Trump supporters of backlash

Conservative groups and leaders of Trump-aligned groups are warning that their supporters might be at risk of retaliation after a series of violent protests in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The events on Saturday were the culmination of weeks of protests in the U.S. capital.

Many people have been targeted in the attacks.

“We know the groups and individuals that are coming out to protest, that they’re going to have their supporters come out in force, that you’re not going to be safe,” said Brian Brown, president of the Tea Party Patriots, the national conservative group that helped organize the rallies in Charlottesville.

“You’re going, I think, to see a lot of these attacks of people coming out, and it’s not just one group that’s attacking one group.”

The groups that have been called out by Trump are conservative Christian groups, like the Liberty Counsel and the Family Research Council, which have been among the most vocal proponents of the president’s policies.

But there are also more moderate groups that oppose Trump’s policies, including some who are known for their support of liberal causes.

The Liberty Counsel, for example, has been a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton.

The group has also been targeted by other conservative groups, including the Heritage Foundation and the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors anti-Semitism.

Many of the groups targeted have been involved in protests against the president.

On Saturday, the Liberty Council held a protest in front of the Justice Department, which has been investigating the Charlottesville violence.

The demonstrators chanted “No justice, no peace, racists go home,” and “Stop the Hate!” and “No Trump, no KKK, no white supremacy.”

Many of them held signs saying “Stop Donald Trump, Stop the KKK.”

The demonstration came after a rally in which a man, who authorities have not identified, was shot dead by a police officer, and a man was stabbed to death in an attack by a group of white supremacists.

In a separate incident, a man allegedly stabbed another man in the neck during a scuffle with police.

“It’s clear that we’re seeing an escalation in these attacks,” Brown said.

“These attacks are coming from a variety of groups.

And the response of the Trump administration, if anything, is to embolden these groups and embolden people.”

The Justice Department has not responded to requests for comment from The Associated Press.

On Friday, the Justice Center, a civil rights group, called on the Justice and Education departments to investigate the events.

“If you are a Trump supporter, you have a right to be here and express yourself,” said Sarah Warbelow, the group’s senior counsel.

“And if you’re a Trump ally, you need to know that you have the right to express yourself.”